Singing Bowls

What Are Singing Bowls?

IMG_7634Metal singing bowls originated thousands of years ago in the Himalayas – an ancient instrument related to the bell.  Singing bowls resonate with a pure, healing sound that has many uses. They are said to have originally been created in a special ceremony, by monks.

How Do They Work?

Singing bowls are hammered from a flat piece of metal into the bowl shape. This creates tension in the metal which allows the vibrations to be created. This is also why lower-quality cast bowls have no resonance. Hammered bowls, however, create a special vibration when struck or strum. The vibrations are similar to those of the brain’s alpha waves. They oscillate with an energetically-high frequency, like that of the ‘Om’ mantra. Similar to yogic asanas, there are physical and more subtle effects of singing bowls.

How Do You Use Them?

slide4 It is fairly simple to use a singing bowl. Simply strike the bowl with the mallet, or strum the bowl clockwise, with the mallet. In order to get the full benefit though, the user should be in a present state of mind. The user should be aware and the mind should not wander. This becomes easier with time. The sound of the bowl itself helps to center the mind. When used, all attention becomes focused on the bowl.

What Effects Do They Have?

Everything vibrates and has a frequency. Everything from the particles of your body to a wooden table is constantly vibrating. This leaves us with a near limitless amount of implications of sound therapy and the use of singing bowls in sound therapy.


The most noticeable and immediate effect is centering the mind. When one strikes a singing bowl, their mind does not wander, but instead becomes present and in the moment. The mind is centered and focused on the sound. This helps us to release tension in both the body and the mind.


Because of the body’s own vibrational and material properties, the body is massaged on a cellular level. The more subtle effects can include regulating energy flow in the astral body. The bowls can be used to activate the chakras and remove energy blocks to promote good health. If the astral body is healthy, then the physical body will be healthy. These are the same principles practiced in acupuncture, pranic healing, reiki, and other energy based treatments. With the effects on the astral body, the bowls can also be an aid in Kundalini Yoga.