Sound Therapy

An Introduction

Sound therapy is the use of both sound and vibrations at varying frequencies to achieve an effect.

The possibilities of sound therapy are endless. Sound therapy can affect blood pressure, heart rate, thought patterns, and state of mind. However, these are only a few gross effects. There are many more subtle effects of using sounds and vibrations for therapeutic purposes.


In sound therapy there are quite a few aspects to consider. Sound therapy can be varying types of music, or a single instrument. It can also be the vibrations caused by the sound to produce a certain effect. There are also the desired gross and/or subtle effects to be considered.

Here I will primarily expand on the use of singing bowls for sound therapy. Singing bowls are an ancient instrument related to the Chinese bell. They produce both pure sounds and vibrations that have both gross and subtle effects on the body and mind. With this in mind, one can see the utility behind such an instrument.

Everything in this universe starts with a vibration and is constantly vibrating. Thus, everything has a frequency. Everything also has energy that has a frequency. This energy is very subtle, but present nonetheless. I like to call it prana, while others may call it qi, ki, chi, or vital life energy. The ability to manipulate these vibrations is a powerful tool for healing.