Hamsa Etched Hand Hammered Singing Bowl

Featuring the etched Hamsa design - the hand containing the protective evil eye. Beautiful hand etched designs are by Eastern Vibration's own creative artist. These bowls produce the same therapeutic harmonious vibrations as our classic hand hammered bowls with an added aesthetic value.

These are therapeutic quality Himalayan singing bowls. Each bowl produces unique tones and powerful harmonious vibrations for healing.
Sounds and vibrations have been used in healing throughout time. An ancient instrument in the bell family and originating in the himalayas, Singing bowls are excellent at creating healing vibrations that resonate on the physical, psychological, and energetic levels of being. This makes it an tool of choice for both effectiveness, and ease of use for practitioners and home-users alike.
*These items are on sale due to slight imperfections in the art.
Also included:
Handmade jute carrying bag
Teak ringing stick
Placement pad

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Price: $176.00

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