ChakraRoma Energy Bracelet

This energy bracelet presents chakra stones for each chakra energy center. It is reversible with Buddha on one-side; chakra stones on the other. The lava stones are porous and will hold aromatherapy oils for up to 24-hours.

The Stones

Red Onyx Root Foundation & Grounding
Orange Onyx SacralAbundance & Pleasure
Yellow Jade Solar Plexus Self-Worth & Confidence
Green Jade Heart Love, Joy & Inner Peace
Light Blue Onyx Throat Communication & Self Expression
Dark Blue Onyx Third EyeIntuition, Imagination & Wisdom
Amethyst Crown Connection to Spirituality & Bliss

Some of the metaphysical and healing properties:

Brings physical and mental strength and courage
Raises energy levels
Increases Libido
Enhances Creativity
Brings Stability
Helps with anger management
Provides radiation shielding
Considered to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral and disinfectant
Cleanses Negativity

Limited Supply $24 each or 3 for $39.99

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Price: $24.00

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