It Begins With Intention

We want to teach on the subject of using vibrations therapeutically. We want to share our knowledge and tools in the field of health and wellness.

Before we begin any of that, we need to have a vision. Healers may already understand that before you can work on the body, your mind needs to be in the right place. Intention is everything. With positive intention you can move forward with positive manifestation. Our goal is to improve the lives of others. We understand that life is something we share. It is not something that belongs to us, nor is it ours to give or take. It is a collective experience in which we should all thrive together.
Of course, circumstances make it harder for some than others. It is our duty to do what we can to spread harmony as much as we can. That’s why we show others to do more than survive. We help others improve their lives in a sustainable way – in such a way that they can improve their own lives.  “Teach a man to fish,” so to speak. But it doesn’t end there. We encourage others to spread that same light – raising one another up as a community. It’s all about positive vibes, after all 😉

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