How To Play

The quality of the sound from your singing bowl very much depends on your skills. Hearing a perfect sound is not immediate; it is a journey you will learn as you use the bowl more often. In the beginning, the sound may come flat, but as you practice and interact more with the bowl, the sound gets purer, warmer and stronger. Its voice grows wiser. Patience is required and hastiness will only ruin the sound that comes from the bowl. You must be very calm and focused when you play your bowl.

  1. Hold the bowl in your palm(usually in the non-dominant hand) at solar plexus level. Fingertips should be relaxed, elbow away from the body. Hold the wooden ringing stick in the other hand(dominant side) like a pencil, fingers pointing downwards.
  2. Stay calm and gently tap the bowl on the rim to warm up the bowl.
  3. As the bowl begins to vibrate, create a continuous sound by rubbing the stick against the edge of the bowl in a clockwise motion.
  4. Apply pressure; the friction of the ringing stick against the outer rim produces vibrations, which result in sound.
  5. Use full arm motion, not using your wrists.
  6. For smaller bowls (Under 7”), try to hold it with your fingertips, and play using the wooden side of the stick.
  7. Experiment with your speed. Usually people go too fast. Let the sound build up slowly as the singing bowl picks up vibration.

You will need practice to make this work perfectly. Singing bowls are, after all, instruments and must be learned how to play. Use pressure, but not too hard. You may try doing this at different angles and time will tell what the best angle is for you.