Cancer & Sound Healing Educational Program for Wellness Facilities

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL – March 2017 – Christine Clinton Cancer Care and Eastern Vibration forge partnership to bring healing touch and sound therapy to spa clients diagnosed with cancer. Touch and Vibration for Cancer Care was created to prevent those with cancer from being turned away or offered unsuitable treatments in a spa, such […]

iSPA Media

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We are pleased to share that we will be participating at the East coast iSPA media event in New York. Come meet us to learn more about Eastern Vibration, sound therapy, and get a chance to experience it for yourself. Find out more at the official iSPA website.

Insiders Guide to Spas, April 2016

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Do-Good Vibrations In: Insider’s Guide to Spas Location: Online Feature on our Nepali Tribal Necklaces to help local craftswoman get back to work. Do-Good Vibrations

Pulse, March 2016

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Eastern Vibration, Pulse Title: Eastern Vibration In: Pulse Location: Global publication Featured in the Pulse Magazine March/April 2016 Edition

It Begins With Intention

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We want to teach on the subject of using vibrations therapeutically. We want to share our knowledge and tools in the field of health and wellness. Before we begin any of that, we need to have a vision. Healers may already understand that before you can work on the body, your mind needs to be […]

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Abdominal Breathing

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Abdominal breathing is the natural way to breathe. At birth, our diaphragm pulls down to expand the lungs when we inhale, and pushes up to push the air out during exhale. Notice how a baby’s belly rises and falls during inhale and exhale respectively. This is the abdominal breath. As we get older, tensions build […]