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About Us

Vibrations have always permeated existence. From the beginning of time, before there was any 'thing' else, until now and forever, everything is constantly vibrating. We are here to share the ancient yet timeless knowledge of restoring health through vibrations.

Christine Hays

Christine Hays is a pioneer in the spa and wellness world with three decades of experience, spending the greater part of the last decade in Asia, residing between Nepal and the USA. She has been constantly recognizing and setting trends in the industry abroad.
Christine specializes in teaching a plethora of spa modalities, techniques, and amazing Eastern therapies which were studied in their indigenous settings from traditional masters (Gurus, Shamans, Tibetan Monks and Scholars) in India, Nepal, Thailand and the USA.
She was introduced to the Himalayan singing bowls in 2005 in Nepal and has been working with them ever since. Her passion is education and sharing information that has been passed down for many generations. Christine creates sound therapy treatments for luxury spas and practitioners around the globe.


A multicultural yoga/meditation master and healing practitioner, who began practicing yoga in early childhood. He was born in Jamaica, lived throughout the Caribbean, and later India for five years.
After being drawn to the Tibetan Singing bowls in 2005 during his visit to Nepal, he has been driven to gain more knowledge in the history, usage, and benefits of the sacred bowls through healing masters and sages in Eastern Asia.
With a degree in Alternative Medicine, Jahmaal is currently based in South Florida exploring his passion for the natural healing modalities.



A small village boy from Gujarat, West India. Dinesh has been athletic throughout school and college; he has participated and won many medals at the State and National level in many sports. He has gone on to achieved a Masters in Yoga & Naturopathy, Bachelors in Physical Education and a Diploma in Yoga.
Dinesh began his career as a Yoga Instructor with the top spas in the Himalayas and has been in wellness industry for more than decade. He has worked with the highest ranking Resorts and Spa's in Asia with Oberoi, and Six Senses. He has traveled South Korea, Singapore, Dubai, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro as a wellness expert before joining Eastern Vibration as a Business Development Manager. He is positive, passionate and universal human being to help people in attending peace, health and happiness.

The Artists

We partner with craftsmen and women whose unique skills and generational wisdom are integral to us. Eastern Vibration is dedicated to provide the highest quality singing bowls in the world. We also work closely with our craftsmen in Nepal and provide support to the families who were affected by the April 2015 Earthquake by giving back a portion of our profits to where it is needed the most.

Fair Trade & Sustainability

What does it mean to employ fair trade practices? What is does it mean to be sustainable? It means we care. At Eastern Vibration we make a point to abide by moral obligations not just to those we work with, not just to the environment, but to the world. We are all here together on this planet(and surely we are connected by more than the Earth); never in isolation.

We make an effort to give back to the community: to teach others about sustainability - protecting the environment for future generations, conducting business in a way that everyone can thrive and continue to thrive, to teach others about fair trade practices, to provide education to children and opportunities to their families, and to share love and light and joy!
Check out this list by one of our partners:

1. Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers
2. Transparency and accountability
3. Fair trading practices
4. Payment of a fair price
5. Ensuring no child labor and forced labor
6. Commitment to non-discrimination, gender equity and women's economic empowerment, and freedom of association
7. Ensuring good working conditions
8. Providing capacity building
9. Promoting fair trade
10. Respect for the environment